Art in the Office

Take a look at the newest pictures in hanging in the office.  These 5th and 2nd grade projects were chosen by our Kindergarten art expert.  

Valentine's Day

Students celebrated Valentine's Day by exchanging Vaelnetine's.  It was a fun day for the students after a snow day off.

student smiling for 100 day with 100 day hat
student stacking 100 small red cups
3 students smiling with manipulatives for the 100 day

100th Day

Kindergarten and 1st Grade celebrated the 100th school day by doing different activities.  

kindergarten teacher and students moving as they count to 100
students enjoying hot chocolate
students enjoying hot chocolate

Book Sharing

Students in 2nd grade leared about different authors and genres while sharing books and then enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate.

Students reading
Students on computer for virtual.

Students Virtual Visit

Some of our students had a virtual visit and conversation with the Spy museum.

People playing string instruments
Students playing band instruments

Winter Concert

Last week our students performed in the winter concert.  The chorus, band and orchestra performed multiple selections.  The new instrumentalists did a fantastic job during the concert.

Dog pic art
Dog pic art

Art selections for the month

Our Kindergarten Art critics helped to select these four pieces to be displayed in our office for this month.  

sneaker drawing
sneaker drawing
Kindergarten students watching bot work
Kindergarten students watching bot work

Kindergarten Computer Programers

Our kindergarten classes had the opportunity to learnhow to program a bot to do different tasks in the classrooms.

Kindergarten students watching bot work

Star Lab

Mrs. Keller helped teachers in 2nd through 5th grade learn about different topics using the Star Lab.  Second grade read a story about Native Americans and studied the stars, 3rd grade used the star lab to learn more about the continents, 4th grade combined learning about poetry and Native American mythology for their lesson, and 5th grade took a more direct look at cells.  

forrest biome
desert biome

Biome Learning

Our 4th grade classes learned about different biomes as part of the science curriculum.  They presented their biome projects to their classmates.  

underwater biome
Fire fighter and a student
Students learning about fire safety.

Conestoga Fire Company Visits

The Conestoga Fire Company visited the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms to teach about fire safety.  Students asked questions and were given information about how to stay safe both at school and at home.  

Student pets pig
Volunteer teachers students about vegetables
Student smiling as he learns about cows.  A 2 day old cow visited.
Students seeing a presentation about farm life.

Ag in the Classroom

Thank you to Mrs. Brenneman, Mr. and Mrs. Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Stoner and the high school FFA for teaching our kids about jobs in the agriculture field.  The students asked some fantastic questions and learned a great deal about how much work and time goes into raising different animals and working on a farm. 

Students learning about a sheep and get to pet it.

End of Marking Period Assembly

At the end of the marking period assembly we celebrated the learning that has taken place in the first marking period.  Kindergarten AM were able to show the rest of the building how they learned the Pledge of Allegiance.  Fifth graders shared their knowledge of plant and animal cells.  We recognized some students for being outstanding students and had fun games.  It was topped off with a short video to show the students pictures from all the events and happenings in the first 45 days.  

Trunk or Treat

We had so many visitors for the Trunk or Treat event by the PTO.  Thank you to the Conestoga Fire Company for coming to support the cause as well as the local Boy Scout troops.

Story Book Pumpkin.mov

Conestoga Pumkin Patch

October 23, 2023

Watch the video to see the Storybook Pumpkin Patch at Conestoga.  Try to see how many characters and stories you know.

4th Grade Field Trip

Our 4th grade students went to Captain John Smith National Park in York County.  They were able to walk in the stream and collect and examine macrovertebrates.  They went on a hike and at the end became Junior Park Rangers.

Working Together

Fourth graders came to second grade classrooms to work coolaboratively to review and learn about measurements as well as working on math terms and math facts.  

Recess Running Club

Thanks to the support of parent volunteers, the Conestoga Recess Running Club has returned.  Students have the opportunity every Thursday to run the course lap as many times as they wish.  They add up their lap totals after every week.  

Students in a canoe
Students learning about the area of the Susquehanna
Students in a canoe
student wearing Native American clothing

Canoemobile Trip

The 5th grade class was able to go on a Canoemobile trip on the Susquehanna.  They learned about the local Native American traditions.  For some students this was their first time ever one a boat.  

Students smiling on the canoe
Students in a canoe

Celebrating Our Awesome Custodians

October 2 was National Custodian Day.  The kids, staff, and PTO thanked out two fantastic guys for all they do to help make keep Conestoga clean, safe, and running smoothly.

student smiling over painting
Student listening to teacher as they paint.
teacher giving instructions for the game.

Reading Challenge Reward

Lots of students from 1-6 participated in the reading challenge over the summer.  Thanks to Mrs. Bushong, Mr. Hermanns, Mrs. Fasnacht and the rest of the AST team we were able to set up some fun activities for the students.

students paitning

First Day of School

We welcomed back over 300 students to Conestoga.  Although there were some nervous students the overall day went well.  There will be some tired students coming home this week adjusting back to school hours.