4th Grade Pollution Solution Fair

As a culminating event for the 4th grade science class, the students worked in groups to create lessons around ways to help preserve the environment.  Students used colored bracelets to teach about the water cycle, used watershed environscapes to explain how pollution damages the waterways, and taught the younger kids how much water they use in one minute of a shower. Thank you to Millersville University for partnering with our kids for this endeavour.  

6th Grade May Fair

6th Grade students created games and other fun activities including a bakery for students to use change to play or buy items.  All of the donations this year will be going to the Conestoga Fire Company.  The 6th graders did a phenominal job with the younger students.  The school raised a record $1,106 for a good cause.  

GOTR- Conestoga

39 girls completed the Girls on the Run program and ran in the 5k this past weekend.  Thank you to all of the parents and coaches for their support and efforts.  

5th Grade Heroes Fair

5th Grade students researched and created presentations about American Heroes.  The students also created "Stars" representing their own personal heroes.  They then presented to parents, families and the rest of the Conestoga student body.  

Welcome Home

Two of our students had a special surprise as their father returned from oversees duty.  As we get close to Memorial day it is always important to remember those who continue to serve that help keep our country safe and free.  

6th Grade Track and Field Day

Conestoga 6th grade students competed against the other 6 elementary schools in different competitions.  Our students did a great job with their effort and sportsmanship during the events.  

Talent Show

We had so many students do a great job at presenting their special talents.  Between all of the jokes, the singing, the dancing and the special performance by the staff, it was a great time.  

6th Grade Egg Drop

6th grade students needed to design a contraption that would allow an egg to be dropped from 6 feet, 15 feet and then off the roof of the school and stay whole.  We had some Hupty Dumpty moments but most students egg carriers were well designed.  The lighter the contraption the better.  

Fulton Trip

The students did an excellent job as an audience at the play.  We even had one of our own students participate in the play.  For some students this was their first time on the bus, in the theater or even in the city.  It was a great experience for all.  

School Picnic- May 24

The Conestoga picnic will be on Wednesday, May 24 from 5-7.  We have a fun filled evening planned for our students and their families.  If you are interested in volunteering to help please click on this link for the sign up genius.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4ea5a92ea4fccf8-volunteers#/