Star Lab

Mrs. Keller helped teachers in 2nd through 5th grade learn about different topics using the Star Lab.  Second grade read a story about Native Americans and studied the stars, 3rd grade used the star lab to learn more about the continents, 4th grade combined learning about poetry and Native American mythology for their lesson, and 5th grade took a more direct look at cells.  

Students shopping at book fair

Book Fair is underway

Students will have an opportunity to buy books on Monday and Tuesday.  Parents can also buy books during conferences.  

Fire fighter and a student
Students learning about fire safety.

Conestoga Fire Company Visits

The Conestoga Fire Company visited the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms to teach about fire safety.  Students asked questions and were given information about how to stay safe both at school and at home.  

Student pets pig
Volunteer teachers students about vegetables
Student smiling as he learns about cows.  A 2 day old cow visited.
Students seeing a presentation about farm life.

Ag in the Classroom

Thank you to Mrs. Brenneman, Mr. and Mrs. Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Stoner and the high school FFA for teaching our kids about jobs in the agriculture field.  The students asked some fantastic questions and learned a great deal about how much work and time goes into raising different animals and working on a farm. 

Students learning about a sheep and get to pet it.

Parent Teacher Conferences


October 18, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this year in November.  Teachers will be scheduling conferences during the afternoon on November 20 and November 21.  While we hope that most of the conferences can be scheduled during afternoon hours, we will have a limited number of evening appointments available on Monday, November 20.  

This year we will be scheduling conferences using either paper forms or google calendars.  On October 20th, teachers will be sending out sign-up instructions to the parents/guardians of the students in their classes.  If you have more than one student at the elementary level, you will receive instructions from each of your students’ teachers.    

Some teachers will be sending out sign-up information electronically.  In order for parents to receive the information about signing up for a conference time, it is vital that the school has accurate contact information.  If your child’s teacher does not have an email address that is reliable and checked often, please email him/her directly with your updated contact information prior to October 20th.

Teacher email addresses are  

Though we will continue to offer a virtual conference option, we are encouraging all parents/guardians to schedule an in-person conference.    

Since we schedule a conference for every student, we plan on a 15-minute time schedule to discuss each child. If you have a concern which will require a more lengthy discussion, please reach out to the teacher and schedule an additional meeting time.  We also ask that there is only one conference scheduled per student even when parents/guardians are divorced/separated/etc.  This will require that all parties wishing to attend the conference discuss and coordinate the chosen conference time.  

Please let us know if you have any questions prior to receiving additional communication from your student’s teacher regarding Parent-Teacher Conferences.  


Scott Keddie, Ed.D. 


Conestoga Elementary School