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The purpose of the Conestoga Diggers Discovery Garden is to expose students to hands on education through the use of the garden as an outdoor learning lab.

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Valerie Hoback, co-chair valhoback@gmail.com (615)497-2791

Beth Horst, co-chair Beth Horst mbhorst78@comcast.net  (717)201-2517

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Garden Club’s Work is Never Done
The garden club wrapped up their outside work for the season and they will be working on some other projects over the winter.  Here’s the gang below.

Garden clean up

Spud Buds

We entered our garden last week to harvest the potatoes the children had planted at the end of the school year.  There weren’t as many plants as usual, and that helped us understand that perhaps the nutrients in the soil weren’t right for growing them as well as it had in the past.  We still had fun gathering our small bounty.

3ABetween both third grades, we usually have at least ten pounds of potatoes, but this year we only had about 3 pounds. Many of the potatoes were very small and funny shapes.  In our class we imagined them as characters and made a cartoon frame with them.  We also weighed them with different scales at a few stations.  Last Thursday, we boiled them.  We sampled mashed potatoes made with our garden variety and also instant mashed potatoes. Most children liked our fresh garden mashed potatoes the best. Everyone wrapped up the day by writing a paragraph about our potato activities.

We have peas, lettuce, and beets growing in the garden and we’re hoping for a big harvest in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for more healthy eating and writing!

Scissor Salsa Celebration

This past Thursday, the fifth grade students made “Scissor Salsa” with ingredients from the Conestoga garden!  On Wednesday, the fifth grade harvested peppers, a variety of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and parsley from the garden. Students from Mrs. Falk’s class were nice enough to volunteer to wash and divide the vegetables as well.

On Thursday afternoon, assigned groups were given the necessary ingredients they needed, and they used scissors to cut their ingredients and make delicious, homegrown salsa.  The cafeteria smelled wonderful, and the students had a fabulous time enjoying their creations from the garden.

salsa salsa 1 salsa 2 salsa 4 salsa 6 salsa pics

Chef Bill & Garden Extravaganza Day

salad 8Chef Bill Scepansky has a passion for fruit and vegetables.  Conestoga’s own garden committee, teachers, and families have a passion for fruit and vegetables.  So it was a great day when the “passionate” teamed up at school and had a fun, healthy assembly, also known as the famous Garden Extravaganza Day, for our students and staff.  Not even the weather held this event off. Our resilient staff & parents just moved everything indoors. Thank you to the PTO for funding this great day and to all the wonderful parent volunteers that made it possible.

Salad-21-300x200 salad-12-300x200 salad-10-300x200 Salad-6-300x200salad salad-17-300x200 salad-18-300x200 salad-13-300x200 Salad-4-300x200

Garden Harvest Days

Garden-4-300x225 Garden-5-225x300 Garden-2-225x300 Garden-3-225x300 Garden-6-300x225 20150601_140525-300x169 20150601_141606-169x300 Garden-1-225x300 garden-300x225 salad-14-300x200 garden-10-225x300

More Salad Extravaganza

Wow! We had an awesome experience during the Salad Extravaganza that our WONDERFUL garden committee put together.

First, students were able to go out to the garden yesterday to harvest and prepare the things that were grown. Our class planted some carrots and lettuce. We are also tending to strawberry plants that we hope will continue to mature and produce strawberries next year.

gardenharvest4-e1433275923326-169x300 gardenharvest2-300x225 gardenharvest3-300x169 gardenharvest5-300x169

Brief Description of Garden Project

The Diggers Discovery Garden will be an extension of the regular classroom. The three-phases include multiple raised beds used to grow vegetables, herbs, a variety of annual and perennial plants, a bed featuring pollinators, and a composting area. There will also be space to develop ongoing innovative ideas generated by the teachers.

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