Conestoga’s Virtual Tour

Since we can’t welcome parents into our school we created a virtual tour of Conestoga and some of the changes we have made. When you follow the link below you will see a tiny gear at the top of your page. When you click it will ask if you would like the audio turned on. If it gives you the option of turning on narration please click on that choice. This will allow you to hear descriptions of some of the interest points on the tour. Enjoy and we will see you soon.

Conestoga Virtual Tour

Virtual School Computer Pickup

Parents in order to pick up your child’s computer you need to have filled out a request for a computer form. If you have not already done this please follow this link and fill it out. When you follow the link you just need to scroll down and the form will be there. COMPUTER PICK UP LINK

Just a Couple of Reminders

We have an early dismissal on September 3rd. Students will be getting out at 1:30. The kindergarten students who attend AM kindergarten will be at school that day. PM kindergarten does not attend on this date.

August 31st is the first day of school for all of our students including students in group B who will be working independently from home on that day. Please watch for an email from your child’s classroom teacher with an assignment for your child to complete on Monday the 31st.

Parents if your child is returning to school this year and has a computer from last year, please have them bring it in to school on the first day. If your child is in grades 2-6 and is either a new student or has not had a school computer previously, we are asking that parents review the computer policies and the consent form below. If you would like to print the consent form and sign it so that your child can bring it to school the first day that would be great. We can not send a computer home with your child until we have a signed consent form. You are also welcome to print it, sign it, and email it to

Consent form for Computers

Information About Computers

District Policy

If your child is attending the PMVS (virtual school) and does not currently have a computer, we will have that computer ready to be picked up on Thursday of this week. We are asking you to fill out the form below with a time that works for you so we know when to expect you. This will help us to make sure it is ready for your child to use. Please take a moment to read the information in the links below so you are ready to sign the consent form when you come to school to get the computer.

Sign Up to Pick Up Computers

Consent form for Computers

Information About Computers

District Policy

What is the expectation for my child on the days they are online OR in school? (specific to grades 3-6)

As you already know, if you have a child in grades 3-6 they have been assigned to the A or B learning group. This means your child will physically come to school for 2 days, have online instruction with their teacher on Wednesdays between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM and on the two days they are home, the expectation will be that they log into their class for attendance by 9:30 AM and complete the online assignments associated with their learning.

I am hoping by having this schedule clearly planned it will help parents. The other parent hint…. for the two days you are working from home, you can log on for attendance from phone or mobile device and complete the work at whatever time is best for your learner. It is important to maintain work completion, submission of assignments, and attendance.

Transportation Survey

Please consider filling out this survey on how your child is getting home from school. We are anticipating that we will have more children being picked up for the first couple weeks of school and want to make sure we have adequate staffing and space to accommodate the extra cars. This is just a survey, you will still need to send in a note or send an email if your child is being picked up. If you are picking your child up on a regular basis then please include that in your note so you don’t have to send one each day. If we do not have a note then we will send your child home on the bus just like we normally would. Please realize that those first couple weeks of school are very hectic so we need to know in the morning what your plan for the day is going to be. Thank you in advance for your help.


Important Penn Manor Updates

August 20, 2020

-The school district has established attendance policies in compliance with new requirements from the PA Department of Education to be followed under the Blended Learning schedule. Learn more. 

A new order from the PA Department of Health has expanded the facial covering/mask requirements for all students in schools. All students and staff will be required to wear a facial covering/mask throughout the school day.  Learn more. – The PA Department of Education has released recommendations on responding to COVID-19 cases in schools. Learn more. 

– Penn Manor is offering a limited number of home Wi-Fi devicesto provide internet access to students without in-home connectivity in partnership with the 1 Million Foundation. Please complete this form to register your interest and eligibility.

– Please have your child bring his/her district-issued laptop on the first day school.  We strongly encourage your child to follow the laptop checkup steps posted on the Technology Orientation site before the start of school.

– Free webinars on dealing with the pandemic in a school setting are being offered to school employees and parents by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. You can view the 30-minute videos here.

– The application process for Penn Manor Virtual School (PMVS) , our full-time online program for K-12, will resume on Friday, August 21. Please note that your child must first be enrolled in Penn Manor School District to attend PMVS. 

Schedule for 3-6 grade for the week of August 31 and September 7th

Due to the Labor Day holiday, modifications to the Blended Learning schedule will be made for the first two weeks of school. 

  • Week of August 31: students in Group A will attend school on Monday and Wednesday. Students in Group B will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • Week of September 7: Group A students will attend school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Group B students will attend school on Thursday and Friday. 

Edible Outdoor Classroom Registration

August 19, 2020

Attention Penn Manor families: Registration for “Edible’s Outdoor Classroom” is now open. 

For more information and to register visit  Edible’s Outdoor Classroom.

PhysEd Protocols

August 18, 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Elementary Physical Education Department is strongly suggesting that students adhere to the following recommendations on the days they are scheduled for Physical Education:

  • Wear Sneakers (and bring an extra pair of shoes for before / after PE)
  • Bring an extra pair of socks
  • Bring a personal water bottle clearly labelled with student’s name
  • Bring a plastic bag to put belongings in backpack
  • Wear outer layer(s) appropriate for the weather conditions

Please be aware that Physical Education classes will be going outdoors every day when possible, based on the Penn Manor weather policy.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Physical Education teacher.


The PM Elementary P.E. Team
     Mrs. Barnett – Hambright
     Mr. Binkley – Central Manor
     Mrs. Fisher – Pequea
     Dr. Janssen – LeTort and Martic
     Mr. McCabe – Conestoga and Eshleman

Where did summer go?

The staff at Conestoga has been hard at work getting our school ready to safely welcome our students back for a new school year. Our classrooms may look different this year, and we may be wearing masks when you see us, but it is still the same wonderful Conestoga Elementary with the same wonderful caring staff. We have restructured our classrooms into small groups of 15 students or less so that everyone in that classroom can sit six feet apart. Smaller groups will also allow for mask breaks throughout the day. We will also take breaks outside with an extra recess built into the day. As a result of limiting the classrooms to 15 students or less, we needed to take over a couple of spaces like the library and the art room. Those specialists will come to the classroom to teach their lessons. For first and second grades, since all the students are here everyday, we will divide them into two groups, and the teacher will go back and forth to teach in each of the classrooms. So when the students are doing independent work, another staff member will be in the room, and the teacher will be in the other room teaching; then they will switch. Some of the teachers have requested roller blades so they can quickly move from room to room, but I fear that they would all end up skating into walls, so we will stick with just walking from room to room. We have also set up the cafeteria very differently. Students will sit in groups of two so they will have lots of space to enjoy their lunch. I am including some pictures of some of the different spaces so you can get an idea of what it will look like. Our kindergarten class will be located in the Commons, which allows them lots of space to spread out.

Students will need to wear masks with the understanding that we will give multiple mask breaks throughout the day. We are also going to ask that students frequently wash their hands throughout the day. In return for those requests, please know that we are doing everything we can think of to have a safe and healthy school year, and we will make this a fun, creative, and enriching year. Also remember we are smiling under our masks 🙂