School is Closed for Today

January 17, 2018

Penn Manor is now closed.  School will now be in session on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.


Penn Manor has a two hour delay this morning with a modified kindergarten schedule.

Winter is Not Over Just Yet

I know this has been an interesting winter, with some very cold days and then some unusually warm ones.  Because of this, the students are ready to throw down their coats and long pants and break out the shorts and suntan lotion.  However it is still winter, so in order to be adequately prepared for whatever the weather is, I am requiring that students be wearing long pants to go to outside recess until winter is over on March 21st.

Weather Update-January 9th

Penn Manor is operating on a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten.

Weather Update-Closed Today

We are now closed.  School will be in session on Friday, January 12, 2018.  The district will be closed on January 16th for a teacher in-service. The weather make-up day Thursday, March 29, 2018.

January 5, 2018-school is closed because of weather

January 12, 2018-school is open now-regular school day

January 16, 2018-school is closed for the semester change

We are now in session on the following days

February 16, 2018-snow makeup day-now a regular school day

March 29, 2018-snow makeup day-now a regular school day

Weather Alert-2 Hour Delay Tomorrow

January 5, 2018: Penn Manor School District will be operating on a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten.

Weather Update-January 4, 2018

Penn Manor School District is now closed.  The weather make-up day will be Friday, February 16, 2018.

January 4, 2018-Weather Delay

Penn Manor School District will be on a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten.

Buses 132 and 138 are Running Very Late

All the buses were delayed in leaving today so please be patient.    The students of 132 and 138 are still at Conestoga.  We will send out a post as soon as they pull out.

Kindness Month

This year, our school assemblies have been highlighting the personal and learning characteristics that make Conestoga a community of learners.  Our first assembly was on the “Power of Yet”.  Mrs. Fellenbaum introduced our students to a cute video with a song about the need to have grit in order to learn new things, and while you might not know how to do everything right away, you stick with it until you get it.  We encouraged students to say that they don’t know it “yet” but they will soon.  In November, Mrs. Fellenbaum and I worked on demonstrating our thankfulness for by creating a  poster of falling leaves with our words of thanks written on them.  This month we are focusing on kindness.  During our assembly, Mrs. Ochs and I discussed how we need to be on the look out for kind acts and how kindness is contagious.  The students are encouraged to recognize that kindness is all around them, by writing down the kind acts that have been done.  Both fourth grade classes sang a song about kindness, that is included in this post.  At the same time we are realizing we need to have grit, the Power of Yet, thankfulness, and kindness, we have also been emphasizing that learners read, read, and read!  If you check out the poster in the lobby you will see the staff in a variety of different poses, but all are reading.  We have Mrs. Eckroat to thank for coordinating the pictures, and also for the signs on our doors that list the books we are currently enjoying.  At the end of this month, Mr. Schettler will be introducing a reading contest that will take place over Christmas break.  If we achieve our goal, we will celebrate by doing something fun as a school community.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.   Aesop