Drone at Conestoga Elementary School

Over the past few weeks, a small drone has been flying over Conestoga Elementary School fields and parking lots during school hours.  

Because of how close the drone recently has come to students and staff, we contacted the State Police, and they took a report regarding our concerns. As a result, State Police have been doing more checks in the area. We are not sure where the drone is being flown from, but we believe it is local. 

This activity is concerning for several reasons. Please be aware we are taking this matter seriously and will continue to work with law enforcement to make sure that we maintain a safe environment for all students and staff.

Community members who have information regarding the origin of the drone should contact State Police at 717-299-7650.

May Lunch and Learn Time Change

We needed to change the time for the Lunch and Learn for our pre-school friends to 4:30-5:30 on May 19th. We are still hoping to see all of you who signed up for this event. Spring is a busy time for everyone, but we would love to see the

Conestoga Field

We have discovered a hole in soccer field.  The school district is working with the district’s engineer to evaluate the source of the problem. Due to timing, work will occur immediately after school is out for the summer.   For now the area is marked and off limits.  

Cylo Visits Conestoga

Cylo, from the Barnstormers, visited Conestoga to kick-off a reading initiative. This FREE program has been a part of the Stormers’ tradition since opening in 2005.  It is designed to help encourage and reward students for reading outside of their normal classroom curriculum. We will supply students with a special Barnstormers bookmark for each of them to track their reading progress. We ask students to read and accumulate books or minutes read.  Mrs. Bushong, or classroom teachers, set goals for each class or individual student.  As the student reads, they simply enter time/books read on their bookmark and have a teacher or parent/guardian initial their progress. Upon completing the set goals, students will earn a FREE ticket to one of our particular Reading Night games listed below. Students who have participated in the Reading with the Barnstormers program will also be recognized on the field with a special pre-game ceremonial parade and a certificate of participation.  Parents and family members may receive additional tickets at $8.00 each. 

The 2022 Reading with the Barnstormers game nights are:

Friday, May 13,                    5:30 p.m. Gates Open        

Saturday, May 14,              5:30 p.m. Gates Open        

Sunday,  May 15,                 12:00 p.m. Gates Open

PSSA Testing

With only three weeks until the PSSA testing begins for grades 3-8 and 11, we wanted to be sure to share important information with our families. Please contact your building administrator if you have any questions. Testing dates for Conestoga: ELA-April 26-28, Math- May 2-3, Science (Grade 4) May 4-5.

Conestoga Garden

Thanks to the Edible Classroom and parent volunteers, students were able to start back learning in the Conestoga Garden. First graders began by learning about the soil and some of the insects in the soil, and then moved on to planting some lettuce and peas.

Bright Star Theater Assembly

Thank you to the PTO for helping to sponsor the Bright Star Theater Group. Celebrating Women’s Histroy Month, two actors helped to educate all the students on the contributions of American women throughout history. Students learned about Clara Barton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, Madam C.J. Walker, and many others. Students were a great audience and had the opportunity to ask questions after the performance.

School is in session Friday, March 25th

This is just a reminder that school is in session this Friday, March 25th.

Kids Heart Challenge Update

Thanks to the hard work of the students and the generosity of the Conestoga Community, our students were able to raise a GRAND TOTAL for this year’s Kids Heart Challenge of$6,554.31! This is the highest total by the building ever. This is an awesome event to help students learn about staying healthy, jumping rope, and most importantly giving back to their community, either through their own donations or by raising money. We are all so proud of the students. Here is a video from Mr. McCabe announcing the results. Mr. McCabe Video.