2021 PSSA Results

By now, the Spring 2021 PSSA Assessment Results have been uploaded to each student’s individual Sapphire account.  You should be able to access your child’s report through the parent portal; if you have difficulty, please contact the principal for assistance.  Here is an accompanying letter from PA Secretary of Education, Noe Ortega. 

he Pennsylvania Department of Education provides schools with reports on individual student performance by Reporting Category and Assessment Anchor. Assessment Anchors represent categories of subject matter (skills and concepts) that anchor the content of the PSSA. For the ELA PSSA, there are four Assessment Anchors that are the same across Grades 3-8: Key Ideas & Details, Craft & Structure, Vocabulary, and Language. Grades 4-8 have one additional Assessment Anchor: Text Dependent Analysis.

For the Math PSSA, the Assessment Anchors differ by grade-band. For Grades 3-5, the Assessment Anchors are: Numbers & Operations in Base Ten, Fractions, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, and Measurement & Data. For Grades 6-7, the Assessment Anchors are: The Number System, Ratios & Proportional Relationships, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. For 8th grade, the Assessment Anchors are: The Number System, Functions, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. 

For the Science PSSA, the Assessment Anchors are the same for both 4th grade and 8th grade. There are several Assessment Anchors, which can be grouped more neatly into the following Reporting Categories: The Nature of Science, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Earth & Space Sciences.

Students receive a raw score, a scale score and a performance level rating (Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, or Advanced) that is associated with a specific scale score range. The scale score associated with each performance tier differs by grade-level and subject area. For a deeper breakdown, you can consult the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Performance Level Descriptors and Cut Scores.