How to Make Changes to Your Child’s Sapphire Account via the Parent Portal

HOW TO: Make Changes to Phone Numbers and Email Addresses using your Sapphire Parent Portal Account

With a Sapphire parent portal account, you can make changes to some of your and student’s
information (subject to school review).

PLEASE NOTE: Change of Address is not available via your Sapphire Portal. To change your
child’s residence in Sapphire, please contact your student’s school for more information.

Add or Change Your Phone Numbers and/or Email Addresses

  1. On the Sapphire Portal home screen, click your student’s name.
  2. Click Change Student Data from the left menu. The contact information on any line can
    be changed on this screen. Click on the information you wish to change to activate the edit
  3. Add to or modify your phone information. For each phone number indicate the Type (Cell,
    Home, Work, etc.) and if it can Receive Voice Call or Receive Text.
  4. Indicate the Emergency Call Order for each phone number. This is the order in which the
    phone number should be called in the event of an emergency. It must be a whole number (1, 2,
    3, etc.). If this number should not be part of the emergency call order, then leave this blank.
    PLEASE NOTE: If an Emergency Call phone number is not set to receive voice calls, our
    Auto-Notification System, used for daily attendance calls, will not contact this number.
  5. Add or modify your Email Addresses by clicking on the information to open the edit box.
  6. Click Save Changes. The school must approve the changes before they take effect.