Virtual Wednesday

Tomorrow is another virtual learning day so I want to make sure I remind students and parents of what we hope to see during that time.  We recognize that this is new for students but if they aren’t attending and paying attention they miss valuable instruction time.   So, I am providing these reminders about appropriate conduct during a google meet with our teachers, as this is an extension of our commitment to teaching and learning.   

  • Children should be in front of their laptops in a quiet space and ready to learn.  
  • Children should refrain from eating while on their meets.  They can have a snack during the break.
  • Work space should be free of pets and toys since these are distracting to our learners.
  • Cameras should be on at all times during the session for all children during the lesson.
  • Messages sent to the chat during the lesson are reserved for instructional purposes ONLY.
  • Students should pick one location to remain for the duration of the lesson.  This location should be an appropriate learning space.   
  • If your child is unable to attend during Wednesday and does not hand in their assignments they are considered absent.  Thank you in advance for all the support, reminders, and help your are giving your child.