Where did summer go?

The staff at Conestoga has been hard at work getting our school ready to safely welcome our students back for a new school year. Our classrooms may look different this year, and we may be wearing masks when you see us, but it is still the same wonderful Conestoga Elementary with the same wonderful caring staff. We have restructured our classrooms into small groups of 15 students or less so that everyone in that classroom can sit six feet apart. Smaller groups will also allow for mask breaks throughout the day. We will also take breaks outside with an extra recess built into the day. As a result of limiting the classrooms to 15 students or less, we needed to take over a couple of spaces like the library and the art room. Those specialists will come to the classroom to teach their lessons. For first and second grades, since all the students are here everyday, we will divide them into two groups, and the teacher will go back and forth to teach in each of the classrooms. So when the students are doing independent work, another staff member will be in the room, and the teacher will be in the other room teaching; then they will switch. Some of the teachers have requested roller blades so they can quickly move from room to room, but I fear that they would all end up skating into walls, so we will stick with just walking from room to room. We have also set up the cafeteria very differently. Students will sit in groups of two so they will have lots of space to enjoy their lunch. I am including some pictures of some of the different spaces so you can get an idea of what it will look like. Our kindergarten class will be located in the Commons, which allows them lots of space to spread out.

Students will need to wear masks with the understanding that we will give multiple mask breaks throughout the day. We are also going to ask that students frequently wash their hands throughout the day. In return for those requests, please know that we are doing everything we can think of to have a safe and healthy school year, and we will make this a fun, creative, and enriching year. Also remember we are smiling under our masks 🙂