Square1Art Fundraiser Update

Due to recent events of COVID-19 we are ending our fundraiser sooner than planned. 


Sale ends April 9th (no paper orders will be accepted)

Order now for free shipping

If you haven’t received your child’s catalog and don’t have the access code, please email Danielle.bardo@pennmanor.net for the code.

Once school is back in session, the free stickers with your child’s artwork will be distributed to those who haven’t received their catalog.

If you placed an order before April 9th, email Danielle.bardo@pennmanor.net with a time you can pick up items CURBSIDE (please stay in your vehicle and pull up to the curb) at Conestoga Elementary on April 28th between the hours of 9:00am and 2:30pm.

Don’t want to place an order at this time……Square1Art never deletes your child’s art access code. What does this mean?  You can place an order via phone in the upcoming years, pay for shipping and have it delivered directly to your home. Best of all, Conestoga Elementary still receives benefits from all orders!  ***Please note, if you purchase a school wall tile after April 9th they will be delivered to your home. Once school is back in session you would bring the tile to the school to be displayed.***

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in our fabulous art fundraiser!   A special thank you to Miss Fasnacht for helping all our artists with their projects! 

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