School Drill

Throughout the school year, Conestoga Elementary students and staff participate in a number of safety drills. These drills include fire drills, evacuation drills, lockdown/intruder drills, and severe weather drills. During each one of these drills, we work to connect students to lifelong learning and safety awareness. Ahead of the drill, the teachers talk to students about them being aware of their surroundings and ways to be safe in different situations.

Today, we did an lockdown/intruder drill. The purpose is to prepare students and staff in case there is a need to keep everyone in place in the school in order to assess a potential situation.  The State Police were kind enough to come to our school and walk around the hallways to give us some safety tips. After the inside part of the drill was completed, it was announced over the loud speaker that we will next go outside and meet at our designated rally points, which all students know since our beginning of the year fire drill. The State Police commented how quiet everyone was and were very impressed with our students during this drill. They did a great job and made us all Conestoga PROUD!

Look for a letter that will be sent home with your child about today’s drill.