A Little Pomp and Circumstance

Today we had 18 former Conestoga Elementary students, who will be graduating tomorrow night, walk our halls and hear the cheers of our students for a job well done. Congratulations to all the seniors.

In no particular order, the seniors who visited us today are:

  1. Samantha Adelman
  2. Julia Siar
  3. Karley Frankford
  4. Hannah Gerberich
  5. Elizabeth Broderick
  6. Violet Hertzler
  7. Erik Starry
  8. Noah Harsh
  9. Donny Moose
  10. Pierce Mellott
  11. Brooke Gilbert
  12. Hayley Way
  13. Miranda Phelan
  14. Allison Leshok
  15. Josh Hicks
  16. Clay Knisely
  17. Julian Nicastro
  18. Audrey Bublitz