Early Childhood Educators Unite

Early Childhood Educators Unite….


Group picture of teachers

Fifty preschool teachers, directors, kindergarten teachers and reading specialists spent the morning exploring professional development opportunities to learn more about best practices in the areas of fine and gross motor development.   We enjoyed learning about practicals ways to improve the strength in our student’s core and hand muscles so they can be skilled in cutting and writing.

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In the afternoon we listened and learned about how to detect speech irregularities and offer support to students and parents.    Our Penn Manor transition team is a united group of individuals who work together to ensure that children are prepared for entrance into kindergarten and exposed to early learning that is essential to build upon in later years.

Picture of teachers working around tables Picture of teachers watching powerpoint presentation

At the end of our time together, gratitude was extended from our Penn Manor teachers to our early learning providers for a job well done in the amazing work that they do before children enter our school.   It was a great day!