Thank you PMEF!

Thank you to the PMEF and the Conestoga PTO for making our all school trip to the Lancaster County Park a reality.  To recap our fun day, where Conestoga faculty, staff, students and PTO volunteers were all together for the first time this school year, below are some of the activities we enjoyed during the day.

  1. Grass area beside Garden of Senses – The children could explore this area and check out the sundial in the grass and then run and tag the big trees. They hugged them to see how far their arms fit around.  😊
  2. Gazebo – The gazebo was large enough hold an entire class, so the different  groups had plenty of room. A Welcome to our Garden sign was made here that will be displayed in the new school garden next year.
  3. Taste Station – There was a variety of herbs provided that our students could taste if they wanted to taste them.
  4. Upper Tables – A few questions were designed and asked of the different student groups  about what they would like to do in next year’s garden. The responses will be recorded and shared with their teachers.
  5. Trail Hike – A short hike in a wooded trail took place where yellow and blue blazes on the trees were pointed out to the kids to show how they mark the trail.
  6. Sight Station – Students stopped at the Sight Sign to observe the suggested items to see along the path.
  7. Touch Station – Students followed the path and used their sense of touch along the way.
  8. Smell Station – Students smelled each black box along the path.

*Each sense had a sign with information on it that could be read to the kids at the start.

  • While 2 grades were with the naturalists, the other two grades did the The Garden of the Five Senses.
  • The kids were split into 8 groups and each PTO parent volunteer had a group. The teachers and staff floated between the class groups.

Mid-day, we all enjoyed lunch in 3 pavilions, and then came together for a group picture.

picture of entire Conestoga staff and students