Workshop for our Kindergarten Teachers and our Early Childhood Providers

Ninety percent of a child’s brain is developed by age 5.  This is a startling fact for many kindergarten teachers within the Penn Manor School District.  This fact alone justifies the reason that our district teams so closely with our local early childhood providers.

On December 14th we hosted our annual early childhood training.  The topic this year was based on the book, Powerful Interactions: How to Connect With Children to Extend Their Learning, by Laura Dombro, Judy Jablon and Charlotte Stetson.   Our team was reminded about the best way to interact with children and parents to build a relationship grounded in trust and partnering that allows the best possible outcome for all of our youngest learners.    There were ten different preschools represented at the training.  Those preschools included; Jenkins School, Kids Express Preschool, Mt. Nebo Preschool, Pequea Preschool, Preschool Express, Stepping Stones, St. Philips preschool and Willow Street UCC preschool.    Funds were made possible for this training through the Penn Manor Educational Foundation and also an early childhood grant through OCDEL (Office of Childhood Development and Early Learning).

Our team of early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers and Susan Long our presenter at our early childhood training on December 14, 2016.