Sidewalk Construction at Martic Impacts Drop Off/Pick Up

A few weeks ago, I put in a request to have the sidewalk they use as a pick up exit extended and the handrails adjusted so kids can walk around them.   On Monday, October 17th, the digging and concrete work will begin for this project.  Once they are finished, the steps will lead down to an elevated sidewalk that runs the side of the building.   This will allow us to load five cars at a time and expedite our pick up/drop off procedures while keeping children safe.


Due to the work happening throughout the week, there will be two changes to pick up line.

  1. I would ask that you try to utilize our bus services all next week.   If we can minimize the amount of kids being picked up from October 17-October 21 that would help.
  2. Our pick up line will move for this week.   Students will be exiting to parent cars, from the gym/5th grade hallway exit.   (This is mid-way around the circle for those who are new to us.)

As I stated earlier, it would be great if you were able to avoid pick up line during our construction.   If you cannot assist in that way, I would ask that you are patient as we make the necessary improvements to the school.   Thank you so much.

Dr. Sugra