Food for Families

Penn Manor will be collecting Thanksgiving food for families throughout November.  The last day of collection will be November 18th. Students can bring in their food items as listed below.

  • Kindergarten – boxed mashed potatoes
  • 1st grade- boxed stuffing
  • 2nd grade- canned corn
  • 3rd grade – canned green beans
  • 4th grade – canned sweet potatoes
  • 5th grade- canned cranberry sauce
  • 6th grade CANNED gravy…no glass

School Board Meeting


Science Event Enjoyed at Martic by Our 3rd & 4th Graders

The subject of the day was Science.   “Children attended a full group assembly and were able to visit small group learning centers.  All of the topics complemented our curriculum and allowed a hands on approach to science inquiry.   Fifteen parent volunteers graciously came in to school early to learn their station and assist students learn about science concepts.

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Sub Sale Well Underway

Please help the PTO raise money for our school by having your child sell subs from the R & K sub sale that’s going on right now.  The deadline to sell is next Wednesday, November 2.  Help us reach our goal by asking family friends, relatives and neighbors to order subs!  Thank you!


Important Notice

Today you will receive a letter from our superintendent about elevated letters of lead found in two samples taken from Martic.   Please follow this link to see a copy of the letter and also attached documents.

Important announcement 

Fall Box Top Totals


Thanks for sending in your box tops!  We collected 5,017 box tops for a profit of $501.70 for Conestoga Elementary School.  Keep clipping and saving those box tops – PLEASE.  We will have another big collection in February and hopefully will set a new record!

Family Game Night Fun

Family Game Night Raffle Winners

Conestoga Elementary Yearbook Raffle

  1. Alyssa Adelman 5-E
  2. Trevor Adams 6-M

Village Green Mini Golf Raffle

  1. Charlie Heistand 6-M

Choo Choo Barn Raffle

  1. Gage Backus 5-E
  2. JD Wagner 2-G

Strasburg Railroad Raffle

  1. Gage Backus 5-E
  2. JD Wagner 2-G

Lancaster Science Factory Raffle

  1. Carter Rachor 5-F
  2. Claire Roberts 2-G

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Red Ribbon Week 10/24 to 10/28

YOLO – You Only Live Once

In support of Red Ribbon Week, 10/24 to 10/28, and if your child attends Pequea Elementary, listed below are the activities planned for the week.

  • 10/24: Sock It To Drugs!  Wear red and show off your crazy socks!
  • 10/25: Put unhealthy habits to rest!  Wear P.J.’s…no slippers please.
  • 10/26: Team Up Against Drugs!  Wear a sport jerseys or team gear.
  • 10/27: YOLO: Be Drug Free.  Wear mismatched clothing to show you only live once!
  • 10/28: Penn Manor Pink Out.  Wear pink in support

If your child attends Martic Elementary, here is their planned events for Red Ribbon Week.

  • 10/24:  Peach Out To Drugs!  Wear tie dye.
  • 10/25:  Be a Drug Free Team!  Don’t Do Drugs!  Wear your favorite team jersey or spiritwear.
  • 10/26:  Put a Cap on Drugs!  Wear your favorite hat.
  • 10/27:  Be a Smartie!  Don’t Do Drugs!  Martic will pass out Smarties!
  • 10/28:  Penn Manor Pink Out.  Wear pink or red in support.

If your child attends Marticville Middle, here is their planned events for Red Ribbon Week.

  • 10/24:  Wear something red.
  • 10/25:  Wear something neon.
  • 10/26:  Dress as your favorite Super Hero.
  • 10/27:  Wear a Band shirt.
  • 10/28:  Penn Manor Pink Out.  Wear pink in support.