Social Studies in the Garden!

On some rainy days in early April, students planted the seeds in preparation for the Conestoga Diggers International Festival in June. Garden Seeds Garden Planting

The garden club and other students have carefully tended to the school garden and now it time for harvest!
On Tuesday, May 31st Conestoga Elementary students will harvest the food that was planted.
Then on Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, June 2nd we’ll hold our special event to eat that food that was harvested.
When students planted their food in April, each grade was assigned a country to adopt as their own for the season. They learned about the foods and the customs surrounding meals of that country. Students have been preparing a presentation about their country and that information to share with the other classes.
On Wednesday, June 1st the primary International Festival will take place. Students in grades 1 (China), 2 (Australia), & 3 (Mexico) will spend the morning preparing their international food dish -using items that were grown in the school garden – and then in the afternoon put on their festival. Each grade will give a presentation and then share their prepared dish with the other students, allowing them all to try new foods from different countries with items that were grown right here at Conestoga Elementary.
On Thursday, June 2nd the intermediate International Festival will take place for grades 4 (Ethiopia), 5 (France), & 6 (England), following the same plan as the primary.
Kindergarten students, who adopted the country of Brazil, will celebrate their very own “Festivas Junias” (June Festivals) – just like they do in that country.
Check back with our blog soon to see photos of these very exciting events and how these students were able to experience SOCIAL STUDIES IN THE GARDEN!