Conestoga Penny Extravaganza

penniesIt’s that time of year again when Conestoga will hold it’s annual “Penny Extravaganza”.

WHAT is the object of the game and is there a prize? The object is to have the most money (points) for your classroom at the end of the extravaganza. Winning classrooms will be treated to a treat by the PTO.

HOW does a class win? A class wins by having more “points” than their partner class. Classrooms earn a point for every penny found in their designated jar in the lobby. They lose points for the value of other coins/dollars that are placed in their jar.

WHO is in the game? All students may participate. Remember that each grade level classroom competes against its partner grade level classroom. (a.m. kdg. vs. p.m. kdg.)

WHERE do students go to help their class earn points? Empty water cooler jars can be found in the school lobby. They are labeled with each class name. Students may drop coins (or paper money) in any jar.

WHY are we sponsoring this event? To raise money for Conestoga’s Pay It Forward family fund, which helps meet some family needs in the school community.

WHEN is the penny extravaganza over? The extravaganza runs for 2 weeks from March 7th to March 18th.