Points from the Safety Seminar

On Monday, November 23rd, Penn Manor sponsored a school safety event with Mr. John Baker presenting. Here are some key points  in case you missed it.

We have built this program on the safety foundation established at home by caring families for their children
We are approaching how to respond to violence as a life skill not a school skill. We must prepare our children for life beyond school and home
These strategies compliment stranger danger, home fire safety and child abuse/rape prevention teachings we share with our children now
We are simply extending the permissions many children have now when confronted with a violent person in the community to the school campus (run if you can, do whatever you can to protect yourself if you can’t)
All the strategies have one common goal: getting to a safe place
We teach that people must have situational awareness; a sense of what is happening around them in order to use these strategies
The primary strategy discussed is the importance of ESCAPING to a safe place violent situation to avoid injury
When ESCAPE is not an option we teach how to create a safe place
Finally if you are faced with violence and have nowhere to go we discuss how to ENGAGE violence by creating a distraction so you can escape to a safe place