PTO Meeting Minutes

Call to Order- The PTO Meeting was called to order at 6:50 by PTO President Debbie Adams.

Present- Debbie Adams, Amber Falck, Brit Menaquale, Deana Nordstrom, Bonnie Martin, Pam Shroyer, Trevor Mattern, Mr. Schettler, Mrs. Baker, Bobbie Sue Heistand, Brittany Anderson, Stacey Cook, Colleen Reynolds, Jolie McMullen, Heather Gallagher, Beth Horst and Jenny Roberts.

Welcome-The PTO is an organized group of interested parents, teachers, and administrators dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for students at Conestoga Elementary. PTO benefits our school in many ways. PTO helps fill in budget cuts and provides educational and family fun activites.

Introduction of Executive Board- Debbie Adams President, Amber Falck Co-Vice President, Brit Menaquale Co-Vice President, Deana Nordstrom Treasurer, Dee Greenawalt Secretary and Bonnie Martin Assistant Secretary.

Introduction around the room everyone’s name, children in school and if they chair a committee chair.

Treasurer’s Report- End of 2014-2015 Year. Budgeted Amount $27,576.87, Money Spent $39,008.70, Income $27,530.69 and balance $16098.86.

Approval of $21,200.00 budget for the 2015-2016 school year. Motion to approve the budget by Bobbie Sue Heistand, seconded by Deanna Nordstrom. All in favor, none opposed.

New additions to the budget include the Fulton Opera House and an increase field trip allowance of $100 per class to decrease cost to parent.

ROCK is a separate entity from the PTO and therefore not a part of the budget.

Fundraising-Darrenkamps cleared all reward card numbers last year.  Grocery store reward numbers need to be reentered this year and our earnings will be from September 1-June 30, 2016.

Stauffer’s Rewards would give a percentage of earnings.

School fundraiser this year would help provide a donation towards a new playground with the school renovations next year.

Boxtops collected in the fall and spring.

Aluminum cans are now collected by the Boy Scouts.

Future fundraising was touched on briefly.  Pam Shroyer suggested the walkathon.  Jenny Roberts suggested basket raffles as a fundraiser.  Beth Horst suggested a 5k run, but noted it is a big undertaking.  Fundraising options will be discussed at upcoming meetings.


Courtesy of the PTO, teachers received a breakfast of baked goods and Dunkin Donuts coffee..

New take home folders for all students.

PTO bulletin board geared more toward the students.

Volunteer clearances will not be needed until next year.

Committee chair guidelines hand out and reviewed.

Teacher’s Report- Mr. Mattern said thank you for more money for the field trips. Also, it will cost less for the buses this year due to the cost of gas going down. Mr. Schettler also said thank you.

Principal’s Report-There was an ice-cream truck that came to the school for the students who participated in the summer reading program. The summer reading program was run by Mrs. Corl and approximately 90 students participated and enjoyed lining up for the ice-cream truck.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 by by PTO President Debbie Adams.