2015-2016 Cafeteria Prices & First Day Menu

There is no increase in either breakfast or lunch price.  The only price increase for the new school year is snacks (ice cream, doritos, baked chips, etc.) and that will go from $.60 to $.75.  Ala carte milk will remain $.60.  Breakfast will be served on the first day of school.

  • Elementary Lunch-$2.25
  • Reduced Lunch-$.40
  • Milk-$.60
  • Adult Lunch-$3.50


  • Elementary breakfast-$1.25
  • Reduced breakfast-No Charge
  • Adult breakfast-$1.90

Below is the lunch menu for first day of school on 8/26/15.

  • A lunch – Hamburger/roll – golden potato rounds, baby carrots w/dip, chilled fruit juice, chilled assorted fruit, choice of milk
  • B lunch – Egg McComet/roll
  • C lunch – Peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • D lunch – yogurt & string cheese
  • S lunch – Salad plate will be served on Wednesdays.

Below is the breakfast menu for first day of school on 8/26/15.

  • Funnel cake