Possible Snow Delay on Friday???

In case you have not heard, there is a possibility of a small amount of snow (1 to 2 inches) starting early Thursday evening.  Friday is a scheduled early dismissal with no a.m. kindergarten (p.m. attends & has lunch at school).

HOWEVER, if Dr. Leichliter calls a 2 hour delay this Friday, we will be on the modified kindergarten schedule and BOTH kindergarten classes will attend and the early dismissal schedule changed to the following Friday.

With a two hour delay, modified kindergarten call, here are the hours:

  • Morning kindergarten students will be dismissed at 12:45.
  • Afternoon kindergarten can be dropped off between 1:35 & 1:40.

The missed early dismissal plan would simply shift to  the following Friday, February 6th, with no a.m. kindergarten and p.m. attending & having lunch at school.