Eligible Content Review Website

To:       All Public, Non-Public and Private Schools, PaTTAN and Postsecondary Education Institutions

From:   Carolyn C. Dumaresq, Ed.D., Acting Secretary of Education

Re:       Eligible Content Review Website

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has developed a website to solicit feedback from the public on the eligible content in English language arts and mathematics in grades three through eight, and Algebra I and Literature at the secondary level.

Pennsylvania’s eligible content statements are a straightforward set of what we want students to know and do at each grade level, and serve as the blueprint for the state assessments.

This website was designed to promote public awareness and understanding of the eligible content and obtain feedback from Pennsylvania educators, parents and the general public on the eligible content statements, their purpose, and value.

If after gathering feedback we conclude that significant changes are needed, we will engage in a revision process via statewide public hearings.

The website is currently populated with eligible content for grade three English language arts and mathematics and is available for public review.

By mid-November, the website will be expanded to encompass the eligible content for grades three through eight and Algebra I and Literature.

Please share this information with educators, parents, community members, and other interested parties and encourage them to visit http://paacademicreview.org and review the content.  The feedback we receive will be invaluable as we evaluate and refine our career and post-secondary expectations for our students.