District Statement Regarding Arrest

Penn Manor School District commends police for their swift action in Wednesday’s arrest of a man suspected of luring students into his car at a bus stop used by Conestoga Elementary School students.

Southern Regional police charged the man with three counts of luring a child into a motor vehicle after he allegedly lured three students into his car at a bus stop in the 5800 block of River Road.

Police said nothing illegal occurred in the car, and the children were not injured. The man allegedly told the students their parents had given him permission to have them wait with him in his car at the bus stop.

With assistance from the school district, police had been monitoring the bus stop daily since a neighbor reported one of the incidents to police. After his arrest, the suspect was committed to Lancaster County Prison.

Penn Manor encourages residents to be vigilant at bus stops and to report any suspicious activity to police and to the school district.