R.O.C.K. Program At Conestoga

The PTO developed a pilot program to help students with food over the weekend. Many of you may have heard of Power Packs or SWEEP, which are programs run through local food banks and churches. This program would model those ideas but would be funded primarily though PTO, fundraising, and donations within our community.
We are starting small—5 families to participate–and we are offering food backpacks over the weekends during the winter.  If we find we have enough support and resources to continue, we will extend our help into the spring months.
Our PTO representatives solicited community donations from places like Pine View Dairy, Darrenkamps, Weis, Target, etc. If you’d like to help, we will gladly accept your donations from the attached list of items that are needed.
Thank you for considering this through the upcoming weeks . . . And THANKS AGAIN to everyone who helped to support the Conestoga Angel Program this year.  We successfully helped over 12 families with clothing, books, games, wrapping paper, etc.!  PTO also generously gave each of the 12 families a gift card to shop for food at Weis over the holiday break. This wouldn’t be possible without all of your continued support!