Kindness at Conestoga

Last week at our PROUD assembly we defined bullying as intentional, repeated aggressive behavior that is intended to hurt another person.  Bullying involves an imbalance of power which makes it difficult for the target to end the aggression without assistance.  The fact that it is a repeated aggressive behavior that is targeting a specific person or persons and the imbalance of power that make it different than the occasional conflict that occurs between children.  We signed a commitment to make Conestoga a Bully Free School.  At the assembly we also discussed how it feels to be bullied and what we as a school community can do to make Conestoga a safe and supportive environment for everyone.  For two weeks in February we will focus on one of our three school rules- show respect and kindness to everyone.  We will work on recognizing all the amazing and wonderful acts of kindness that both staff and students do each and every day at Conestoga and also honing our own kindness skills.  Parents will be receiving a newsletter that explains what we are doing at school and also includes a heart that you can fill out when you see your child doing an act of kindness.