School Safety Reminders

safety at shcool

In order to ensure the continued safety of our Conestoga students, here is a recap of some of the policies and procedures already in place:

  • Please be aware of your speed when pulling out after dropping off or picking up your child at either the kindergarten or side door. These are very busy times at the school and we want to make sure students and parents get where they are going safely.
  • All visitors MUST come in through the main office door and sign in on the visitor’s log. When you sign in you will receive a visitor’s badge that needs to be worn while you are in the building.
  • No student may be dropped off at school BEFORE 8:40 a.m., which is when the doors will be unlocked. If you bring your child to school later than 9 a.m., please use the front door.

Everyone wants to ensure children’s safety as they enter and leave school. We can all come together to make their world a safer place. Thank you for your cooperation.