Helping Children Cope with Tragedy

We are all shocked and saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut.  As parents and educators we want to help our children cope with such a traumatic event. Here are some brief suggestions on how to talk to your child about the events.

Turn off the television-children can easily become overwhelmed by all the images they see on the news.  They haven’t yet developed the ability to screen all the information and images that are coming at them.

Take the time to talk with your children but be carefully not to give them more information than they can handle.  Start your conversation with them by asking for their understanding of what happened.  That way you can clarify any misunderstandings they may have. Answer questions honestly, but don’t add extra details.   Also ask them what they are worried about and that will give you some insight into how to restore their sense of safety.

Remember that our children’s ability to manage their concerns and fears is dependent on how well the adults around them handle their fears.   It is ok to admit you have concerns, but do it from a place of emotional control.

Remind your children that events like this are extremely rare and that as a Conestoga Community we take their safety very seriously.