Letort PTO – Rally for Recess

LeTort is in need of a playground.  They are participating in the Rally for Recess contest sponsored by Danimals, yogurt smoothies in particular.  LeTort is working hard to win the contest – the prize is a $30,000 playground makeover!   The kids have been really working for this and for ways to obtain needed codes – selling Danimals at yard sales, posting signs at John Herr’s, contacting friends, using technology to reach people, bringing to school as birthday treat, marching with signs, etc.   Their efforts and passion to win this playground are impressive!

 Now we are appealing to you and your schools to see if you are willing to help us achieve this goal.    How awesome would it be for a school in our district to achieve this – all powered by the determination of the kids and a community that backs them!  What an achievement it would be for LeTort and the proud PM community!  LeTort will gladly return the favor next year to any school that may decide to participate in Rally for Recess 2013.
So what do we need?
Simply Collect Codes on Specially Marked “Rally for Recess” Danimals & Danonino Products or Get One Free by Mail*, Ask family, friends, neighbors, etc.,to help collect codes. Codes are located on the reverse side of the cardboard packaging in boxed frame.        
Codes/packaging can be turned in to your office and sent via interdepartmental mail to LeTort and we will enter the codes. 
(Be sure to keep the Label for Education on each pack of Danimals for your school.  Also sold at BJ’s/Costco by case – 10 pt Label for Education on bottom of case for your school.)  
**How to get code free by mail: 

To obtain a free code without making a purchase, on a 3”x5” card or piece of paper, hand-print your date of birth, name and valid email address, and mail it in an envelope with proper postage affixed to: DANNON® Danimals® Rally for Recess Free Code Request, P.O. Box 760017, El Paso, TX 88576-0017. Limit one (1) code request per stamped outer envelope.

Mail-in code requests must be postmarked no later than 12/31/12 and received by 1/9/13. Codes will be sent to the email address listed on the request by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 1/21/13, and must be entered by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 1/31/13. Mechanical reproductions of code requests will not be accepted. Codes received through unauthorized or illegitimate channels or that are forged, tampered with, or otherwise altered may be void, at Sponsor’s sole discretion.

The student passion to achieve this goal is incredible!  It is great to see them working together as a giant team to do this.  Would you and your school consider being a part of their team?  Whether LeTort wins the playground or not, the kids have definitely proved to be true winners!
Thank you in advance for your support!
Becky Spezialetti         &        Janine Hollinger
rspez@comcast.net              janinehol@msn.com