Student Accident Insurance

THE SCHOOL DISTRICT DOES NOT CARRY MEDICAL INSURANCE ON STUDENTS, but does provide you with a primary excess group insurance plan that:

Provides coverage for travel to and from school as well as coverage for accidents while participating in Intramural Sports, Gym and Physical Education classes.

  • Pays benefits directly to you or the doctor or hospital.
  • Optional coverage includes Extended Dental.
  • Worldwide coverage under the 24-hour plan provides coverage at school, weekends, summer vacations, home, and play.

Individual Voluntary Student Program Cost per Year

  1. 24 Hour Coverage                      $ 116.00
  2. School-Time Coverage               $   30.00
  3. Dental Accident Insurance           $    8.50 with either of above plans

If you are interested in this insurance, below is a link that will provide you with all the necessary information as well as the enrollment form.