More People to Thank and a Picture

We need to thank a few more people who helped out with the garden.

 –    First of all, when we said “Clancy” that is Dave Clancy, one of our Conestoga dads. 

        Chad & Tracy Mendenhall and Jason & Stephanie Mowery took time to build us the compost bins. They look great!

        Brandon Kendig was a great help with his power washer Saturday.  Thanks for going home to get it and getting wet so we could see the driveway again!

        Lydia & Doug Martin were also a huge help.  Lydia has offered her plant expertise throughout this entire project and Doug came through with his industrial size pressure washer.  Actually the whole family was a great help. Thanks also, Doug, for getting wet and working so hard to get that driveway back to normal. That was no small task!

        And Sandy Mayers!!  Our photo lady!!  You’re the best!  She took some great pictures of the whole project.

EVERYONE!!  If we missed you, sorry.  You all have been doing a fabulous job. Thank you, thank you!!

Hannah & Beth