Jump Rope for Heart

Conestoga students raised $3,629.82 for the annual Jump Rope for Heart fund raising event this month. The top fund raiser is Meadow Donohue, who raised $1,150.00! Congratulations to Meadow and all the top fund raisers in each class that participated:

Brandon Hanna, Violet Hertzler, Hailey Fafel, Melissa Weaver, Garrison Webster, Peyton Suydam, Wesley Kendig and Joe Ritchey

Medals (Did My Part to Save a Heart) were given to Brandon Hanna, Meadow Donohue, Melissa Weaver & Joe Ritchey.

Pins (Ambassadors) were given to Alyssa Bresch, Violet Hertzler, Joel Stoner, Meadow Donohue, Garrison Webster, Peyton Suydam and Wes Kendig.

As part of this event, there was a drawing for all students who raised at least $50 to win a faculty/staff signed t-shirt. The winner of the shirt is Joel Stoner.