Giant Grocery Store Commercial Opportunity

Giant Grocery Stores is looking for families from within the community who would be interested in being featured in one of the upcoming Giant television commercials. Commercials have already been shot in other markets. The families featured in those commercials enjoyed a wonderful experience, significant compensation and, most importantly, a wonderful shared memory to take with them.

Initial auditions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and should comprise approximately 10 minutes of answering questions on-camera. Spouses and children are warmly welcomed, but only the mother is required at this stage of the process. Please bring photos of your family that you will not have returned. Interview questions will cover family activities, shared memories and questions pertaining to Giant gas savings and how those savings play a role in family activities.

Giant will be looking for families (children age ranges approximately 2-10 yrs with parents in late 20’s any 30’s) who are happy with and confident in themselves and each other, would be very comfortable being themselves on-camera and who can tell one of two stories: either a story about how Giant’s Gas Savings program fits into the family equation (ie: describe your daily driving routines and how the Gas Savings program can help.) Or describe an Easter family tradition such as a big family get-together, and how shopping at Giant enhances the experience and saves you money The commercials will depict families enjoying family activities, and sitting together in their homes while the mom talks about the Giant shopping experience, including their experience with the Bonus Card and Gas programs. Candidates must be Giant shoppers and use the Bonus Card and/or Gas Extra Rewards programs.

Families used in the commercials will be paid $3000, including any agent fees, at the time of filming. Filming will take place at the home of the families, and at a Giant store nearby.

Families should live no further than ½ hr. away from the Giant Store located at 1605 Lititz Pike in Lancaster. Filming will take place on a day TBD during the first two weeks of Jan, or the last two weeks in Feb, (depending on which story we’re filming), and families should plan on at least a full day commitment, plus assorted meetings beforehand. Selected families should expect background checks as part of the normal protocol.

Audition Dates:     Nov 4th or 5th, 2011

Time:      Call Julie Boldizar at (717) 808-9734 for an appointment or just arrive between 10am and 5pm and take your turn.

Where:   Giant Store at 1605 Lititz Pike in Lancaster.

Members of the community with questions can contact Julie Boldizar at (717) 808-9734.